Saturday, February 12

Window Shopping

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Italians known for their great taste in food, fashion, and wine have lived up to and certainly surpassed every expectation I had in all three categories. Starting with my first and only love fashion…what can I possibly say that has not been said already. Italy was at the forefront of fashion in the 18th century…three centuries later and it still continues to lead the fashion pack. With Milan Fashion Week just around the corner I thought I would spend a couple of days walking around taking in both the high fashion store fronts and the impeccably dressed Florentinians. These people literally live in a huge outdoor mall…there are clothing stores on every corner of every street…unlike LA where you would have to drive to Robertson to purchase your Chanel bag or be stuck in Downtown LA traffic to bargain with street vendors…Italy offers best of both worlds right at your finger tips.  Friday was the perfect day for some window shopping and of course retail therapy, so the new Jenna and I headed straight for Zara where we purchased the same cropped bunny shirt and I got a dress fit for my trip to Madrid next weekend. I stopped in at the corner pizzeria Leo Gustos for the most amazing pizza I have ever had in my entire life and took it home to have lunch with roomy Jenna. Italian Pizza and Italian clothes…what more could I want?

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