Monday, February 14

Love is in the air

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I was never one big on Valentine’s Day…even if I had a Valentine of my own but the romance that exudes from every Italian soul defiantly added to my lovey dovey Valentines Day feeling. Sitting and observing the millions of couples that frolic in this beautiful city of love was refreshing to say the least. Couples, from the teens entering their puppy love stage to the eldest having lived decades and memories together hold hands, link arms, lean and take a moment to stop in the center of Piazza Republica for a quick peck…no one is scared of showing is true, honest, and real.
 I had spent the last few weeks taking notice of the duos in Florence and spent a good hour in Piazza Republica on V-Day paying close attention to just that… having a midday lunch on the grass of the Arno River, sitting on a bench in the center of a Piazza arguing over a map, sneaking a passionate kiss in a deserted alley way or sitting on the steps of the Duomo snapping photos of each other…
The idea of love and passion is so deeply rooted here that locals have built a tradition of locking ones love by locking a padlock with their lovers name on it along the Arno River and throwing the key into the River…becoming eternally bonded.
Jenna was my Valentine this year, we spent it at Leo Gusto’s sharing white wine, amazing pasta, a light salad and panna cotte for dessert.

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  1. sooo cute! i love how you snapped all those pictures.


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