Thursday, February 3

First week of Scuola, LdM

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Thursday, February 3rd 6:35pm and I am finished with my first week of school at Lorenzo de Medici.
My school schedule is pretty much open...four day weekends and three days of school? I am not complaining. Filled with students from all over the world, Iowa State, Mexico City, Holland.
The melting pot of students and Italian advisors and teachers make it that much more enjoyable and quite inspirational.
First I went to my Italian class on Tuesday, my number one goal here in Italy is to leave being able to carry out a basic everyday conversation in Italian...I wish I could say I will be fluent come May but the language is hard...maybe I'll find a nice tutor. =p
Wednesday was my longest day, 9am E-Commerce, the teacher is fantastic, eccentric, and requires the class to be made up of group discussions rather then lectures. Guess what...we have to keep a blog as our group project! I felt pretty good being the only student out of 30 who actually had a blog.
One step ahead of the game.
Noon Fashion Buying, a class I was dreading taking back home, but here Professor Chiara Ioele is such a working fashion inspiration that it made me instantly love the class. We went over basic fashion knowledge, some history including the father of couture, Charles Worth and of course Chanel's impact with her little black dress. I pay close attention to what my instructors a discussion about why people are so drawn to fashion, and the simple fact that it can make you feel a million times better, her simple statement, "Some people eat chocolate...we buy shoes" made me love her all the more.
6:00pm finally rolled around and I was SO tired, The Venice Film Festival at this time might have not been the greatest idea...especially on my busiest day, but such an awesome class that follows the first film festival in the world from beginning to end. We already watched the first film to ever have won The Golden Lion; can you guess which on it is?
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde directed by Rouben Mamoulian, 1931.
At last Thursday, again Italian at 9am followed by a class which will be the most beneficial, informative and difficult...Fashion Entrepreneurship. Professor Alessandra Ferroni is the definition of a successful entrepreneur who built her company and herself from bottom up and now has one of the most successful buying offices in Europe...can you say wow? Her first lecture was based on "the self" and accessing whether or not you would make a great your own boss. The ability to step outside the norm...make drastic changes...and welcome those passionate and independent are key characteristics of an entrepreneur. To be honest with you I never thought of myself as one...but the more I am learning about myself the more I see that possibility in me.
She said SO many things I quickly scribbled down in my notebook that motivated and stirred my soul,
“The more you know the more you will be able to positively react to any situation that comes your way” – Alessandra Ferroni



  1. Emilia!!! lol this blog post "stirred my soul". enought said xo

  2. That Venice Film Festival class seems like so much fun!!
    Keep on posting :) It's getting me excited to study abroad in Milan this fall!


I hope you enjoy Italy through my eyes. xoxo Emily Jenny