Wednesday, February 16

Scuola Del Cuoio, The Leather School

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Wet Wednesdays never turn out to be great…rainy….mid-week blues but today we took a little trip with my Fashion Buying class to Scuola Del Cuoio – The Leather School and I left feeling less bluey and all the more inspired.
 We arrived at Piazza Santa Croce where Chiara Ioele led us through a hidden alley way into the most beautiful courtyard where the school is located (I felt like I was walking through the Secret Garden). Once inside I took a look around and was immediately teleported back in time…there was a long, dim corridor where the finest leather artisans had their stations…ready for a long days work ahead. We met with Laura Gori the eldest of three sisters whose father collaborated with the friars of the Monastery of Santa Croce to create a home for orphans after the devastation of World War II. Here, the Gori family established not only a home for the children but a school where the children were taught the trade of leather making goods enabling them to earn a living, and above all give them hope for a better life.
We first met Francesco, a young man who Laura proclaimed was “one of the finest students we have ever had” (top students of the school are offered permanent jobs with the institution).  We then went to Mr.Chitties station…a man who had been working there for 40 plus year, and watched him effortlessly work on a customized order with the most luxury ostrich skin. Finally we went down a flight of stairs to the classroom holding only 13 students who worked diligently on their projects. Students from all over the world are allowed to “attempt” to attend Scuola Del Cuoio but only the true leather artisans are allowed to continue their studies there…a girl from Kenya, an Italian boy and a man from Singapore to help you get an idea of the worldliness of the institution.
 Scuola Del Cuoio is not just a leather school, it is a homey little organization that was placed to give the struggling children of the past a fresh start, encouragement, and fuel the Florentian leather trade with the finest taught craftsmanship. They now make custom handbags, cuffs, wallets, coin purses and much more…so if you have an extra 3,000 euro lying around I suggest grabbing one of their bags.

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