Wednesday, February 9


My facebook status on Monday night was, "I am having major chocolate withdrawals."
On Tuesday morning I was informed of a CHOCOLATE FAIR at Piazza Santa Croce approximately a block and a half from my apartment...
The chocolate gods were sent to me!
If you know know I love my chocolate...nutella...fudge brownies...chocolate bars...kisses...coco...
I could go on for days...but I probably already sound like a mild freak.
Jenna and I bought two sticks of chocolate fondue...strawberries and bananas covered in dripping dark and milk chocolate.
It was the best I have ever had.
There was a Chocolate Bar dedicated to any kind of liquid chocolate concoction...GENIUS!
A very eccentric looking Italian man was making chocolate crepes (which I will eat tomorrow).
And of course the three adorable clowns just spreading some happy happy joy joy!
Maybe I should consider a career in the chocolate industry?



  1. oh my goodness, everything looks delicious! this is like my dream come true :-)

  2. Emilyyy that looks amazing!! Send over some please :) love your blog <3 Lala

  3. may i just say that you have the cutest clothes ever?! like in every shot. adorable :)


I hope you enjoy Italy through my eyes. xoxo Emily Jenny