Monday, February 28

Make my heart smile...

1.       The most creative and double yummy cappuccinos in all of Firenze, thanks to my new favorite barista Marco from New Week Café.
2.       Waking up to Jenna’s face every morning, hearing her cough day and night, and our many fail decisions that make for great stories.
3.       My journal that was given to me by Sue and Nin, which has mirrors on the cover so I can look at myself (haha, you guys know me too well).
4.       Blue, suede, ankle strap, rosette, chunky heels I have yet to Paris perhaps...


  1. you are the cutest thing, dude! coffee, journals, shoes, friendships. Thanks for the inspiration <3

  2. your friend makes me want to hop a plane to italy so i can hand her a rose and a single chocolate bar n ask her if she would be interested to go on a gondola ride across venice and spend some time with talking with me about nothing at all too important


I hope you enjoy Italy through my eyes. xoxo Emily Jenny