Saturday, February 5

Dinner with the Emilys and Jennas

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

In all of Florence Italy…with the 10 plus study abroad programs…and the millions of students that come and go…fate happened…a very nice coincident. At registration we sat next to two girls and happen to strike up a conversation…right before we got up to leave...we introduced ourselves...Jenna and Emily…meet Jenna and Emily. Yes, in all of Florence Italy we met another duo with the same exact names! We all instantly meshed well and have been partying and exploring Firenze’s finest spots. Saturday night, Feb 05 they invited us to their place for a nice family like dinner. Jenna from Wisconsin made some amazing pesto pasta…we had some Chianti vino and some bread with oil and vingerette. The meal led to some pretty good girl talk…just getting to know one another other. It’s awesome to meet such amazing ladies half way across the world and just hear about their Iowa State, northwest adventures.
 Who knows maybe we will visit them there one day.

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  1. Emily! I <3 this blog...awwwwww, so beautiful to see the rest of the world through someone else's eyes...lovely! Enjoy your fabulous adventure!


I hope you enjoy Italy through my eyes. xoxo Emily Jenny