Thursday, February 3

News Cafe Bar

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It’s nice to have a 30 minute break between classes and yesterday I spent it at the local bar…News Café Bar right in front of Via del Giglio, 15.
And no it is not the bar that you think!
Italians have bars all over the city…but these well known spots that can be found on every corner serve anything and everything from a mouthwatering foamy “I make special for you” cappuccino to birra piccolas(small beer) and recently have started the concept of “Apretivo” otherwise known as Happy Hour…pronounced Appy Our.
During Apretivo you can stop in for your regular espresso shot on your way to work or your vodka shot on your way to a club and also have a buffet type array of goodies set out for you…free of charge.
These Italians are genius.


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