Tuesday, April 5

Italian Birthday Celebration

My birthdays are usually spent with tons of family and friends…parties at my house, an enormous amount of food prepared by my mom and endless amounts of laughter…but this year I had the amazing opportunity to spend my birthday with a new love, Italy. My Italian birthday was very different than any I’ve had before...probably a bit more spectacular.
 We started the celebration off on Thursday the 31st of March and headed straight towards the Florence club scene, Twenty-one was our choice and we danced the night away with George and the gang from our Corfu trip. Friday night  was spent at the grand summer season opening of Central Park, Jenna and I took a cab, chugged a bottle of vodka sprite, danced and the rest of the night is one complete and utter blur! Saturday night was spent finishing the vodka bottle on the steps of Santa Croce (God would not be happy) and just walking around the bustling streets of Florence taking in the Italian night life. Monday was final my real birthday but obviously I had to celebrate for at least 5 days…Jenna and I had a lovely dinner on the terrace overlooking Santa Croce, ate the most amazing gelato known to man, and got in our story zone, something only the two of us will ever understand.  
I got flowers from a special someone back home, and Jenna got me the greatest gift ever, a silver bracelet with my name on it and Tabasco sauce…FINALLY! None of this would have meant anything had it not been for my special Wizard, so a special thanks to you for being such an amazing roomy and friend.
Now bow to me.

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  1. tabasco sauce!! haha i love it. happy birthday! :)


I hope you enjoy Italy through my eyes. xoxo Emily Jenny