Sunday, March 27

Oppa! We're in Athens!

My feet could no longer take one single step, my mind could no longer form one single thought (that actually made sense), my body was on shut down mode but spring break was not over, next destination…to the Capital city of Athens!
Here we winded down, visited the unbelievable Acropolis, walked through the most amazing gardens, and had some real Greek food. The Greek culture reminded me so much of my own, Armenian, all the men on the streets looked exactly like the men in my family, they were playing with “taspies”, drinking shots of thick Greek kofe, and playing nardi! It brought me back to my roots and made me feel a bit homesick.
We then took a mini day trip to the island of Aegean, a quaint beach town with boats lining the shore, outside food markets, and adorable restaurants and hotels lining the streets. The weather was absolutely beautiful so we had lunch outside overlooking the ocean with Erin and the gang. It was the quintessential Greek Island and the perfect way to end the greatest spring break of my life.

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  1. you're white bikini-ish top thing is sooo cute!! especially when paired with that shirt. and it looks like you two are making a lot of lifetime friends :) looove it!


I hope you enjoy Italy through my eyes. xoxo Emily Jenny