Sunday, March 27

Spring Break Madddness, Corfu

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My great apologies for once again lacking on posts…first came midterms then came spring break…can you blame me?
March 18 to March 25…a week which will live in infamy. I’ve always been one to celebrate spring break…usually because it’s around or on my birthday but this year it was extra extra special because I went BIG…8 days on the Greek Islands with 300 plus students from all over the world.
We first took an overnight cruise ship to the island of Corfu…we danced, we mingled, we built a little group of our own with some fine individuals, KJ, Thomas, Erin, George,Nick, Brianna, Lauren, and the list goes on. The epic Pink Palace was our destination for the next three days and when I say pink I mean pink, everything from the linens to the ceilings were pink. The first night was spent with one euro skittles shots, a group of Skippers from Australia, New Zealand, and England, and some interesting card games to say the least.
Our second day in Corfu was dedicated to pure Spring break madness…One part - Booze Cruise manned by the dirtiest Captain ever…Captain George….shotguns, a rocky dinky boat, cliff jumping, bat caves, and a whole lot of loving. Second part – Pink Toga Party…authentic Greek dancing, ouzo drinking, plate smashing fun!
We relaxed for the next few days, soaking in as much sunshine as possible on the sandy crystal blue Adriatic waters and trying our best to recharge for the second half of the trip in Athens.
A big hug and kiss to the Pink Palace, to the Island of Corfu, and to all the people who made this trip totally epic.


  1. hahah i feel like i'm commenting on every post. but i seriously just live through these! i hope i have as much fun next Fall in Milan as you're having being in Florence and travelling. oh and i love the pancho! just bought one similar (but not as cute haha) from h&m

  2. Isnt Greece beautiful!?! ... Love the pics.. keep em coming.. LA is cold n rainy :/


I hope you enjoy Italy through my eyes. xoxo Emily Jenny