Thursday, April 7

San Miniato al Monte

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Florence has countless churches, and duomos but one that has hit close to home is Basilica of San Miniato al Monte. This incredible holy temple is dedicated to an Armenian Prince who fled his home in 250 BC to join the Roman Army and change his life. It is said that he was the first evangelizer and Christian martyr in Florence… but as all great tales end in tragedy this has to follow suit, St. Minas was victimized and denounced by the Emperor Decius who beheaded the Prince. St. Minas then picked up his head and proudly walked across the Arno River to the cave on Monte alle Croci where he had lived and died in Florence. The location now serves as a church dedicated to his name… of San Miniato al Monte.
I took the 30 minute hike up to the basilica overlooking Florence and spent most of the day there (on my actual birthday the 4th), the tranquility gave me such peace of mind. I lit a candle for my loved ones, said a prayer that I will forever know from my days at Sunday school and paid great attention to the marbled fa├žades found on all the lining walls.


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  1. you are so sentimental! I love it. Inspiration galore <3


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