Tuesday, May 3

NOTTE BIANCA...a night to remember

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Awestruck, I have no words to describe last night. I wish I could be able to show everyone the Florence Nights that I have come to love, to enjoy, nights filled with endless laughter till my cheeks start to hurt, nights filled with walking every inch of the city till my feet start to ache. Nights filled with stories and people that have shown me the greater things in life, the simple act of walking around, dancing, and enjoying life in its truest form.

Imagine getting ready, drinking a bottle of vino or Moretti, smoking and getting out of your front door and just walking...imagine the streets of your hometown, Glenoaks,Pacific, Kenneth filled with your friends, family, neighbors. Imagine music blasting on the streets, a different genre in different parts of your city, imagine dancing with the love of your life, then turning and dancing with your nonno. Thats what Florence Nights are. They are filled with people...old, young, tourists, students, authentic Florentinians, lovers and friends with no purpose other then coming together to enjoy life at its simplest, purest form. 

There are no fights, there is no judgement, noone is trying to impress and noone is puting up a front. 

George, Jenna and I had an experience of a lifetime. in one of the many squares found in Florence we danced, we sang from the bottom of our hearts. George battled some Italian guy while Jenna and I danced with four of the most gorgeous Italian girls. An old couple came up to us, hugged and kissed us and told us they were our "nonno and nonna" yelling "Bravo Raggazzi!" as we danced. Being apart of something so special and writing it down made this experience so real, so clear. I've lived in Italy for four months, I've meet and been place I never dreamed of. Last night I stood still, looked around and realized I was living the Fairytale I dreamed of.



  1. awwww your writing<3 come back, I need to break bread with you, woman!

  2. The flame struggles to compete. But all along it knew it never had a chance to be as bright as the smile on her face. Such beauty and purity. What I would not do to feel her radiance upon my skin. I would give up the sun itself. I would treat this girl as if she were the last molecule inside of a gas chamber, I would be good to her.

  3. J'aime les photos! Ils sont cools:)

    Angela Donava

  4. i got chills. great post. wow


I hope you enjoy Italy through my eyes. xoxo Emily Jenny