Wednesday, May 11

The Final Weekend

Thursday May 5th, Cinco de Mayo, kick started my final weekend here in Florence...tear tear.
But oh did it live up to its final weekend expectations...I think ill mark it as one of the best jam packed weekends I've had thus far!
Thursday Jenna, Emily and I spent our night taking classic Cuervo shots in honor of the Mexican to many shots later and all of us were was found on the dance floor...the other was having a deep conversation with someone somewhere...and me?...I honestly don't even know where I was or what I was doing. The night ended fantastically and re-amped us for the following days of demolishment. 
Friday you could find us pre-gaming at Bigallo...which led us to meet Kevin and Kelsey, a So-Cal couple on a mini European vacation. We offered to share a cab with them to Central far my favorite discoteca out here...reminds me of Vegas and Hollywood with its massiveness...its lights....the decor...and of course the classic long line of eager club goers waiting to get inside. Kevin decided to buy Jenna and I our own table with a magnum Grey Goose bottle...The night continued with us pouring drinks down as many peoples throats as possible...and ended with a 6am walk passed the Duomo home. 
Saturday we headed to Space...the best known discoteca in all of Florence...we got in VIP with the help of new friends Alex and Fabio...continued the weekend dancing, prancing, drinking and taking in the final moments of the Florence Nights that have made this journey a journey of a lifetime. 


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